Paradise? Coming right up

by Brad on November 9, 2010

Hotel Luisiana in Costa Rica

We’re finally on our way. Last night we had dinner with Kelli’s parents at India House, one of our favorite restaurants in Utah and one of the best Indian places I’ve been to. I think that was the third time in three weeks that those two have taken us out for a nice dinner. In fact, we’ve been amazed by everyone’s generosity and sincere best wishes for our future adventures. I don’t think Kelli and I have paid for a meal since we told people we were leaving.

After a day of frantic tying up of loose ends and final decisions as to what to take, store, or toss, we finally laid down around 1am this morning. Lights out, head on the pillow, I was ready to pass out when Kelli stated, “This is our last nigt in this house.” Though this truth has been apparent for a long time, it never sunk in until she said it out loud. It was dark but I’m prety sure Kelli shed a tear as we both thought about the memories associated with that house where we’ve spent the bulk of our three and a half years of marriage. The feeling was surreal after so much of the packing felt just like all of the other vacation trips we’ve been on. Now it’s real. I think I may have slept for a few hours, waking up a few times to check the clock, before the alarm went off at 5am.

Everything Brad and Kelli Own

That's it. That is everything Kelli and I own. Suitcases and backpacks coming with, everything else staying behind.

So here we are at the Salt Lake airport waiting for our first flight. We woke up to cold, rain, and snow. My dad, early as usual, came to take us to the airport in a brand new Chrysler minivan. He was worried that we wouldn’t have enough room in his car so he actually went out and rented a van for us. I tell you what, that guy’s amazing and never leaves us in doubt as to his love and concern for us.

snow in salt lake city

Snow behind us, beaches and sunshine ahead

Breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Salt Lake. Good grub. Suitcases checked, two each, and made it through security just fine, though they did search my bag and scratched their head wondering why I had a blender in my backpack. (Many people who know us know that we can’t go more than a day without making up a super food smoothie in our Blendtec, a great gift from Kelli’s parents. Love that thing.) Looking out the windows at snow on the mountains, jacket packed, down to my t-shirt, smiling from ear to ear in anticipation of falling asleep tonight in a tropical paradise.


Jason Avery November 9, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Sooo excited for you guys! Just about right now I’m guessing you’re on the plane somewhere between here and Texas, on your way to an adventurous paradise! Keep us all posted!

Brad November 10, 2010 at 3:21 pm

Thanks Jason. You’re timing was pretty good.

We made it! Immigration and customs was a breeze. They didn’t bother asking me why I had a blender in my backpack, or talk to me at all for that matter. We got to the car rental place about 11pm last night, and then followed a taxi driver through some crazy back streets – the “shortcut” to our hotel, which is protected by two levels of gates: the ‘containment’ for check in and then the full access are once we were approved.

Having a blast so far. Today’s it’s off to explore and try to find a home.

Jason Avery November 10, 2010 at 9:36 pm

You guys and your blender, that cracked Jen and I up! Love it! What’s the containment for check in, is that customs or security? May the force be with you on your search for your next home. Just to assist in your paradise… Its snowing here today.

Brad November 11, 2010 at 4:18 am

Knowing we were coming to a place with endless types of fresh fruit, hanging on the tree for the picking, we just couldn’t leave the blender behind! : )

The hotel here has two gates. The first one, after getting buzzed in the overly chipper fellow at the front desk, lets you in just far enough to talk to reception. Once you’re approved there, they’ll open the second gate back to the main hotel area. So it’s just a security thing at the hotel. Everything here is really gated and fenced up. Guard booths at the most random places: restaurants, shopping malls, etc. We’re leaving the city and going out to the countryside, beach area so we’ll see how it is out there.

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